About us

Moving Earth Since 1998

Absolute Contracting was established in 1998, and with its’ modern and well-maintained fleet of earth moving trucks and equipment, it services the construction industry across Sydney-metro and outer Sydney regions. Since inception, Absolute Contracting has become a leading and respected civil contracting company in Sydney. With a history of major projects successfully completed throughout the Sydney area, Absolute Contracting has worked hard to achieve and maintain a reputation for excellence in all of its’ projects and can present testimonials to support.

With a focus on delivering high quality service through engineering know-how and a commitment to time and cost restraints, Absolute Contracting has a long history of successful completion of complex projects.

Absolute Contracting have carefully managed growth through business planning and job selection. Its’ staff are experienced and skilled due to the strong emphasis on training and safety which is reflected in the professional manner in which any task is approached. Absolute Contracting currently employs a team of 85 highly skilled and competent staff, led by the company director. The expertise of the director and the management team is integral to our business performance and to our consistent track record of achieving excellent results for our clients.

Environment and OH&S

Committed to Absolute Safety

Absolute Contracting has a strong commitment to safety and has developed a company safety management system, with each site having a site specific safety management policy along with a designated Site Supervisor to ensure all policies are adhered to. In 2014, we adapted to Global ISO standards for quality, safety and environmental.

All site staff undertakes site safety inductions and we work with the head contractor to ensure all policies are adhered to.

Absolute Contracting have a fully time safety manager who is responsible for all aspects of OH&S requirements. We adopt our safety management policy and procedures to all of our projects that is reflective in our excellent safety record. Rehab Options manage all injuries and rehabilitation together with relevant training on our behalf.

All employees will be expected to demonstrate willingness to embrace the concept of safe work practices and a safe working environment. Education / training of all employees on Health and Safety issues is considered to be natural course of employment and all employees will be encouraged to embrace this concept.

Health and Safety committees on site and fully expect these bodies to be a major influence in the prevention of occupational illness and injury through the process of joint consultation.

Environmental objectives will be achieved through the recognition and encouragement of a genuine respect for the environment and its protection.

High level Management policy development that health and well being of all Flora and Fauna and their habit are maintained and preserved throughout the life cycle of the project. Managers, Supervisors and Foreman will be responsible for the implementation and promotion of all facets of Environmental preservation matte.


Phillip Circosta, Executive Director

Phillip Circosta has extensive business development and management skills, as well as many years financial experience within Australia. Since 1998, Phillip has had multiple successful business dealings and has gained invaluable, hands-on experience and a wealth of knowledge to draw upon. Phillip is fully qualified in all areas of Civil Works, Demolition and Building.

Phillips’ local interests and years of work on Sydney-metro projects have guaranteed his long-term relationships with Sydney-based contractors, sub-contractors and authorities. Phillips’ capacity to communicate and conduct business professionally with clients ensures that each individual clients’ needs are met efficiently, with a high level of satisfaction and quality attained at the completion of every project.

Phillip has built a strong reputation on his ability to satisfy the needs of the individual through to corporate enterprise by listening, understanding and providing detailed and timely information. He consistently maintains the high level of integrity that he has modelled his career around.

Phillips’ principled approach to each project will give you 100% confidence in Absolute Contracting completing your project to your satisfaction.

Our Team

The Absolute Contracting Team

Every contract is allocated an individually selected and practised project team, specific to the projects’ requirements. Our experienced Project Managers bring a wealth of qualification and knowledge in Building, Construction, Civil Works and Demolition to the office and site.

Our Site Supervisors stringently adhere to best practice methods and their experience with and understanding of people, plant and materials ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget and accident and incident free.

Our trained and ticketed labourers, operators and drivers provide critical reinforcement within every project team. A full-time storekeeper maintains all the Absolute Contracting plant and equipment, to ensure strict quality control is upheld on all machinery and tools utilised for your projects.

Absolute Contracting also have a fully qualified back office support team at the head office, who specialise in project management, quantity surveying, contracts administration and accounting. Absolute Contracting has a current certified Enterprise Bargaining Agreement in place.